Vegan Snacks
La Granja

Logotype design
Custom Lettering 

Art direction: Lateral Branding 
All product photography: La Granja
Lettering logo design for the new non-fried and vegan-friendly La Granja's Vegan Snacks. Following a calligraphic skeleton, the logo has been drawn from very organic forms, close to nature, to enhance the characteristic ecological value of its products. And, at the same time, it has been developed with rounded and friendly letterforms endings to get nearer to the final consumer.
Like most of all identity lettering projects shown in this portfolio, the result was reached first by freehand drawing and later on by digital redrawing. The drawing process started from a very rough calligraphic sketch following the italic continuous structure, with all the letterforms connected. But in order to obtain a harmonious and balanced composition, some pairs of letters were detached.

Gina Serret
Custom Calligraphy, Lettering & Type design


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