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Exercise done without being a real order
Due to a usual consumption of products from La Cuna Conservas, some details easy to improve were found in their packaging —not involving major changes— in order to enhance the values of craft and quality that identify the brand. Thus, once the problem was identified, a possible way to improve the appearance of the products' packaging was studied.

For the logotype, a genuine Calligraphy was used instead of a script font that mimics handwriting forms (existing logo). With Typography —mechanical reproduction— the warmth of handwritten letters, the originality of having equal letters but with subtle differences and the humanity of the piece are lost.
The existing logotype font, despite it reproduces shapes that mimic handwritten letters, it repeats identically some letters’ «decorative» forms that should be more sporadic and it doesn’t use natural ties between consecutive letters (see circled details). Is was also tried to rank the different elements of the current logotype so as to make readability of the entire brand easier. In order to get more contrast between these parts, both the calligraphic style and the size were changed while writing the descriptive name «Conservas» (canned food).

Once the redesign of the logo was solved, the same criteria was applied to reformulate the tags which hang from the neck of the glass containers. In this case, the use of real Calligraphy was also chosen to indicate the net weight of the product —again changing style and size to organize the information hierarchically. The elaborate composition transmits quality and authenticity; at the same time that changes of opacity in some letter strokes (watery effect) give the product an added value: warmth, craft, humanity.

First photography: Clem Onojeghuo

Gina Serret
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